How can you help?

You can help in any way your soul desires. You can create your own volunteer opportunity based on your soul’s desire to participate in The Divine’s Plans. Our organizations offer infinite volunteer opportunities.

Some of our volunteer opportunities include:
Administration, Community Leadership, Friendship Buddy, Teaching, Coaching, Mentoring, Event Management, Event Support, Fundraising, Youth Programs, Senior Programs, Hotline Attendant, Center Attendant, Transportation, Mission Awareness, World Campaigns, Communication, Video Production, Graphic Design, Website Development, Marketing, Product Development, Brand Ambassadors, and much more!

Why Volunteer With Us?

Unconditional support for The Divine’s Plans is an excellent way to gain good karma and receive an abundance of blessings from The Divine. Volunteering is one of the ways you can give your unconditional support. When you volunteer in any of our organizations, you are making a positive difference in many lives and are contributing to the upliftment of humanity. We need to come together in unity to create a huge impact in this world.

Volunteer energetically and humbly! Your sincerest efforts are greatly appreciated by The Divine! Volunteer with a pure heart and pure intent!