How Global Divine Initiative (GDI) Came About


God prompted Royal Shri Rudraji to temporarily renounce his social and materialistic life so that he could embrace galactic divinity and host God in his physical existence. During his journey, he was shown the galactic existence, made aware of his reason for being, and given divine wisdom. Alongside God, he created many outreach efforts to help humanity and elevate human consciousness. When God asked him to reunite with the social world, God described the Global Divine Initiatives (GDI) concept that would uplift and empower humanity through five worldwide campaigns. He was assured that many people would come to assist and bear this responsibility to help bring about the next level of human evolution. At first, he was shocked to hear about these many responsibilities from God, but God eased his mind by explaining how these campaigns will benefit humanity and make God proud. GDI is a systematic, organized, and substantial effort created by God to elevate human lives and provide them with an opportunity to flourish in life.

Stress-Free World™

Prosperous-Joyful World™

Healthy-Fit World™

Kind-Loving World™

Awake-Blissful World™

GDI Mission

To help you live a Stress-free, Healthy, Prosperous, Joyful, Kind, Loving, Awakened, and Blissful life, through which you can fulfill your dreams and be passionate about helping others and serving your soul purpose.

GDI Vision

To make at least 10 million people worldwide Stress-Free, Healthy,
Prosperous, Joyful, Kind, Loving, and Blissful every 10 years.


God is great. God loves everyone. God wants us to be more happy and blissful since many years have been wasted away from peace, love, and divine hood (brotherhood and sisterhood). God wants humanity to unite and be uplifted so that we can live a blessed and blissful life. God is ready to help those who value their life chance and are ready to embrace God’s love. God is calling every soul to help since it is our duty toward God and fellow humans to help end world suffering and create a better world. Supporting the GDI mission is one of the ways God’s goal can be accomplished. God is excited!


Everyone has a choice in life. It is up to us to choose wisely. However, to make good choices you should be clear, conscious, and knowledgeable. God has created GDI so that you have an opportunity to uplift yourself and others. Participate in GDI and be a better person, happier, healthier, prosperous, and aim to be blissful. With straightforward tools and divine-guided processes, you are bound to receive a higher level of confidence to create a better version of yourself. Then you can share your experience with others so they can also be inspired to become a better version of themselves. Help yourself! Help others!